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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)


How can you find us?

Our driver wears a yellow T-shirt and call your last name at the pick-up place.


Hanauma Bay

What time is best to go to Hanauma Bay?

Hanauma Bay can get crowded during peak seasons(summer and winter),the earlier pick up time(7am) is recommended to avoid a long line to enter the bay. The wait time can be as long as 90 minutes when it is crowded.


What are the return times for Hanauma Bay ?

The pick up times are 11:45am, 1:15pm, and 2:45pm. You will get back to your hotel around 12:30pm, 2:00pm, and 3:30pm.


How much is the entrance fee?

$7.50 for adults, 12years old and younger free.


What can I rent for the tour?

The tour includes Snorkel gear set. We also provide optional upgrade rental items as follows: ($6.00 each item) Beach Chair, Corrective-Vision Mask, Snorkel Vest and viewing board.


Are there lockers at Hanauma bay?

Yes. You can rent a locker there or use at the hop.


Is there a clock on the beach?

No. You will have to provide your own means to tell the time. We recommend bring a waterproof watch to wear while swimming.


Can I buy food at the bay?

Yes. There is a food bar next to the entrance of Hanauma Bay.


What temperature is the water? Do I need a wetsuit?

The summer water temperature averages 80 F and the winter water temperature averages 75 F. Depending on the wind and rain, a wetsuit could greatly increase snorkel enjoyment. Rentals can be decided at the shop on the day of your reservation.


Are there any dangerous animals at the bay?

Sharks do not come inside the inner reef of the bay. While they may be in the outer reef, sightings are extremely rare.

Jellyfish occasionally are present at the bay. Please be cautious when swimming in the ocean with jellyfish. When jellyfish are in the bay the lifeguards will have signs posted as a warning.

Eels are frequently seen in the bay. While bites are uncommon, they become aggressive when they feel threatened. Please respect them and observe from a safe distance.



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