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  • snorkeling

    Hanauma Bay Snorkeling Package

    This beginner package includes a dry snorkeling,mask,fins and a life vest. It is a great snorkeling for people who have never snorkeled before.


  • Hanauma-beach

    Hanauma Bay Snorkeling Deluxe Package

    Enjoy Hanauma Bay with everything you can ask for. Mask, Snorkel, fins, a beach chair, umbrella, cooler box and trolley passes.


  • Scuba Diving Customer

    Scuba Beach Diving(2dives)

    Never done scuba diving before? Come join us as we take you to Magic island to teach and show about scuba diving. This introductory class will take you to the beautiful Magic island where we will take you diving off shallow water.


  • Sea Turtle

    Hanauma Bay With Guided Instructor

    Never been snorkeling before or don’t know how to snorkel very well? No problem! Our expert guides will teach you step by step how to snorkel and will accompany you on your snorkeling adventure.



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